Unofficially it’s here

Memorial Day is the unofficial beginning of summer in the great US of A.

Last month I picked up some new furniture for our front porch from IKEA (yes, I love that store) which needed assembled.  The assembly could not take place until Mr. Aitch power washed the front porch.


Ta-da!  38 feet of clean emptiness.


Four hours later, after some semi-easy assembly and 64 hex bolts.  Those babies are time-consuming when hexing space is limited.  I still need to get some flowers of other plants in the window box.


I love the ottoman/table which is not connected at this time to the rest of the sofa so it’s easily moved.


I’m planning on making new cushion covers as I don’t see the ivory staying clean even though it’s just Mr. Aitch and me.  The covers are machine washable but I’d rather make new ones “just in case”.


Plus I can make new seat covers for the swing and rocking chair as well.


Red and white planters.


New front door decor.

8 thoughts on “Unofficially it’s here

  1. I think it was a long time ago, but I’ve seen pictures of your front porch before. You keep such a beautiful home. And you were smart to wait until the pollen calmed down before doing this project. A big fat yes to the fabric protector spray. I use it and it works! Enjoy that porch. Enjoy your summer.


    • Thank you!

      We still have pollen floating around but it’s not nearly the amount we had a few weeks ago. I’m on a search for fabric protector spray.

      We’ve been enjoying our porch so far. Enjoy your summer, too.

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  2. How very pretty! I am planning an IKEA trip next month for dining room chairs -also white, which I also plan to recover. I just love IKEA… and I love yoru pretty porch! I hope you have a summer that is just the right amount of warm to really enjoy it.


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