Over and under

Alas, in my quest to remember to take before and after pictures I did remember to take an almost before picture of my kitchen stool.


I bought this stool when we moved into our first house almost 37 years ago.  The wood was unfinished and since those kitchen cabinets were a dark walnut stain, I stained the stool to match.

The seat was a woven material that looked like rush.  It was actually paper!


The paper/rush rubbed against the stool frame on the edges and eventually cut through making the seat a bit of a risk when sitting.  All my grandchildren loved to undo the seat so I would have to hide it when they came to our house.

My plan to repair the seat involved cotton webbing.  Only the local Joann’s store didn’t have two colors of cotton webbing so I used nylon webbing in Paprika and Steel Grey.  I had two 50% off coupons and used them both.


Then the fun began.

First I cut off the original seat and stapled the grey webbing to the rung underneath.  Here’s the website I used as reference. and tightly wrapped the webbing for the warp.  When the top was covered, I again stapled the webbing underneath.  I seared the cut ends of the nylon by holding a flame close to the edge to melt it so it wouldn’t fray.

I inserted a thick pad of batting between the top and bottom to give the seat some stability as I didn’t have any foam.

Then I attached the paprika webbing to the stool and wove the weft over and under.  Over and under.  Over and under.  Over and under until I got to the end.  Then I wrapped this piece of webbing around the rung and repeated the over and under on the bottom of the seat until all the weaving was finished.  The paprika end was seared and stapled.

The finished stool.




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