It started yesterday afternoon

The scratchy feeling in my sinus cavity and the cactus that was growing in my throat began yesterday afternoon.  3:49 pm to be exact.  Or that’s when I noticed it.

I was (and still am) tired and achy.

Sleep wasn’t happening.  At least the kind of sleep I wanted and needed.

I’ve discovered that when I am sick, I have weird dreams.  Between getting warm and comfortable, clutching a wad of tissues, and blocking out my snorting and my (and Mr. Aitch’s) snoring, I dreamt I had to stack blocks in a bizarre game of solitaire that never ended.  Every time I closed my eyes, the game would start over.

I became fully conscious an hour before my alarm was to go off so I just got up and was ready for work way too early.  The half-hour power nap on the sofa this morning was the best sleep I had all night.

Going from 86 degrees in Florida to 30 degrees here might have been a factor.  Most likely it was someone on the plane or in the airport that wanted to share their cold.

And it’s snowing again.

Have a great day.  And stay well!

1 thought on “It started yesterday afternoon

  1. Everyone in SC is having sinus issues this week because of the drastic change in the weather. 30 degrees for a week and then it jumped to 80. Pardon me while I go blow my nose again…


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