January 1994

Twenty years ago in the Mid-Atlantic region we suffered through 17 snow and ice storms from the beginning of January through most of February.  We had a snow or ice storm every Sunday and every Wednesday for about eight weeks.  Our kids had school four days in the month of January.

In the middle of all that we moved into our new house.  January 26, 1994 to be exact.

Today is the 20th anniversary of that move.  We had been living in a rental house, affectionately called The Shack House, for four months.

The Shack House was furnished so all of our furniture and most of our belongings were in storage.  Unheated storage to be exact.

I made the beds as soon as they were set up and tried to get the house in some order before the kids came home from school that day.  One of the four days they actually had school.

We were all happy to climb into our own beds that first night.  Mr. Aitch and I were very happy to sleep in a real bed as we had slept on a sofa bed for four long months.

The mattresses only had about 10 hours to warm up before bedtime.  And let me tell you, those beds were c-o-l-d.

No school or work for the next few days so we had plenty of time to unpack.

The bitter cold and snow we’ve been experiencing the past week or two brought all this back.  More snow and bitter cold temperatures are headed our way again next week.

Staying warm!


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