I’m working on a sweater for someone and I’m just not feeling the love.

I’m making up the pattern as I go.

It’s not working out exactly as I envisioned.

I’ve started over a few times.

Back to the drawing board?

Or do I just break down use a “real” pattern?

7 thoughts on “Eh

  1. That’s really neat that you started it! What kind of sweater is it going to be? What made you decide to go for this? I guess if you hate every stitch you might want to stop now, but what an adventurous idea.


    • It’s a cardigan for my grandson. I wanted to knit something similar to the sweaters I knit for the twins for Christmas 2012 but I didn’t have a boy version. I thought I could make it up as I went. It’s worked before. I was wrong. I’ve found a pattern I like so I’ll be ripping this out and starting over.


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