The snowman on my door

I promised a picture of the five-foot snowman hanging on my front door if it was above zero and still light out.

It was above zero (4 degrees F to be precise) when I took this picture.

But not light enough.

Sorry.  There’s only so much I know how to do with Photoshop.


He’s really a creamy white color though looks yellow in the porch lights.  He’ll hang around till the end of February or March or when I remember to change him out for something more seasonably appropriate.

6 thoughts on “The snowman on my door

  1. Do not feel badly about PS; it’s difficult as all get-out. I’ve taken two complete courses and still haven’t mastered it. But because I got a new computer, I can’t transfer it over to this operating system and bought Elements instead – which I haven’t downloaded either. Cute snowman, but then you’re also the Queen of Cute as well as Cozy. Is it made of wood? Patsye


    • I think PS is such a powerful program that it would take me years to master it.

      Yes, the snowman is made of wood. He’s very unwieldy and is attached with two powerful magnets to my door. Before I used the second magnet, it would sound like someone was knocking at the door when the wind blew. Freaky to say the least. He’s fairly secure now.


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