Wrestling with wine

Why would Walter wrestle with William?

Well, William whines woefully.

Walter wishes William would whine without whimpering.

Walter wonders with Wilma, William’s wonderful wife, whether William will whine with Wilma.

Walter wistfully watches Wilma and William waltz with watermelon wine while washing windows.

watermelon wine

4 thoughts on “Wrestling with wine

  1. O.k. How long did it take to come up with all those “w”words. How many letters of the alphabet did you miss? And are you going to continue with the rest of the alphabet? Or is your brain to come up with something else


  2. Wait. What!? Well why wouldn’t Wanda wonder why Walter was with Wilma when Wilma was wedded with William? Word was winks were waved. Wild wrongdoings were worked while William was weak with watermelon wine.


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