Velcro has to be one of the best inventions yet.  Tiny, slightly stiff hooks on one side and soft loops on the other. velcro colseuo My first experience with Velcro was when I was in a marching group and our uniforms had Velcro closures on the vests.  Pure magic. velcro dots The carpet in our first house was just like Velcro.  Everything stuck to it. When I had major surgery in 1990, I asked the doctor how I was put back together: staples, stitches, glue?  His reply in broken English sounded like “Velcro”.  It turned out to be the brand name of dissolvable sutures: virkron ?, vicryl?, the exact name escapes me.  Being put back together with Velcro is still a family joke. velcro strip Velcro or hook-and-loop material is so common anymore that we take it for granted.

We use hook-and-loop strips to keep our electrical cords corralled.

velcro tie

Do they even make kids shoes that tie anymore or do they all close with Velcro? velcro shoe A blast from the past: Velcro hair rollers. velcro rollers Wearing flannel pajamas to bed with flannel sheets is almost like wearing Velcro.  There’s no sliding into bed or getting into the best sleeping position.  The two flannel pieces are stuck together like Velcro. velcro suit

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