Not in the mood

I’m starting to panic.  I just realized that it is almost the middle of November.  Duh!  I’ve spent most weekends cleaning, decluttering, and trying to get the house in some order so I can relax more in December.


The past several years I’ve done what I call Christmas Wishes.  It’s the same thing as an Advent calendar where a person opens something everyday starting December 1st, be it a reflection, small token, ornament, or treat.  It started out with anything under $1 such as a free pencil or emery board though sometimes I included a booklet of stamps or a gift card.  It was fun for my adult children and their spouses.

Then grandkids came along so I included them.  The adults got dropped like a hot potato.

Last year I gave each family a small artificial Christmas tree and each day was an ornament for the tree and a sweet treat.  I made those “sour cream” packages for the ornaments.  Cute but time-consuming.


Yes, it’s mid-November and I haven’t started on getting these put together.  It take a long time to do this and I need to have them ready by Thanksgiving.

I was thinking of doing the same thing with the ornaments but also adding an ornament making craft every few days.  Such as candy cane reindeer:


Or these candy cane mice from Martha Stewart:


I just have to force myself to get in the mood.

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