Items in the spice cabinet

The other day I showed you the antique spice cabinet I had from my Mom.   Inside one of the drawers was an assemblage of various items.  The drawer itself is not large, about 4 inches wide by 4 inches deep.


The shaker


Salt? Pepper? Something else?  The holes are rather large and there are a lot of them.  One quick shake of any spice would be more than enough.


It’s about 3 inches tall and less than an inch in diameter.  Heavy for the size.  Not sure what metal.  I do love the floral and leaf texture on this piece. 

The oil lamps


These little gems used to contain perfume or eau du cologne.  A faint scent still lingers.  One has lost the handle but has a very small dried flower stuck in the shade.



When closed, this looks like a small brass pipe with enclosed ends.  But turning the outer layer reveals a small statue of Our Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of Jesus.  Small enough to fit in a pocket of purse, Mary can be with one always.

The brass candlesticks


Birthday cake candles fit in these less-than-two-inches tall candlesticks.

The trophy candlestick


Actually I’m not sure what this is.  A birthday cake candle would be too small to fit in it without wobbling.  Perhaps there are missing parts to this piece.

The trio


A Venetian blind cord pull.  A large picture hook and nail.  A small gear.

The assemblage.


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