My Sunday routine usually includes a trip to the market right after church.  Yesterday was no different.  One item on my shopping list was a five-pound bag of sugar.

Mr. Aitch and I don’t use a lot of sugar so five pounds will last us for a very long time.  I have been keeping our hummingbird feeder full on a regular basis so I’ve been using more now.

When I didn’t have enough to make more nectar, I had to buy some.

My sugar jar holds five pounds of sugar.  Exactly.


Yes, I know it says “BIRD SEED” but it holds my sugar.  Always did.

 The bag was empty but the jar wasn’t full.


The five-pound bag was really a FOUR-pound bag.  It is marked on the bag but I wasn’t paying attention to it as that’s the “size” bag I always buy though I usually buy the generic store brand.

They got me this time.  Next time I’ll check the actual ounces or pounds before I think I’m getting a bargain.

So this marketing strategy has been around awhile.

I noticed it with ice cream several years ago.  The company kept the price the same but instead of buying a half-gallon of ice cream (2 quarts), it’s now 1.5 quarts.  The packaging is just a bit smaller.

But the same price.

2 thoughts on “Sugar

  1. This is how they are giving us less food, but still charging us the same, or more. Sneaky of them,but also happening a lot lately. Some think that this is they are hiding food shortages from us, too.


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