Travel plans

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Mr. Aitch and I will be going to New Orleans in a few weeks and since we’ve never been there, I was hoping for some suggestions as to where we should eat, things to do and places explore.

We’re not going for the Super Bowl.  Instead I have a conference there and now that Mr. Aitch is semi-retired, he’s going with me.

Any one been there that could offer some useful tips?

Thanks in advance!

3 thoughts on “Travel plans

  1. Hello Patti – I am trying to knit the Eyelet short sleeved sweater, but am having the same problems other knitters have had with adding the sleeves to the body of the sweater. I know there was a mistake in the total number of stitches which should have been a total of 200 stitches rather than the 184 indicated. And, I know that you said that the number of stitches placed on waste canvas should be 8 for each sleeve (4 from the sleeve and 4 from the body.) Is there anyway that you could send me the pattern with the corrections. Also when you indicate that one should repeat the pattern rows do you mean the eyelet pattern rows? I am an experienced knitter but am getting very frustrated. I love the look and want to finish this for my granddaughter to wear at her christening. HELP???????


  2. Hello Patti – Make sure that you have the beignets and coffee at the Cafe Du Monde in downtown. They are to die for and can be addictive. There are also some very good restaurants known for their gumbo and seafood very close to the Hilton Hotel. If you check with your hotel, they can give you some excellent restaurants. There is also a wonderful steak house in the French Quarter which had wonderful steaks, but very expensive. Have fun. Karen


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