Restart and stop

I wanted to make some fingerless mitts for myself.  Why Not?  I’ve made at least 8 pairs and given them away.  It’s my turn.

I loved the free pattern “Treads” so I started a pair for me a few weeks ago.

Then other things got placed ahead of the mitts.

I picked them back up yesterday and finished one.  My gauge was off.  It was way too big.


Started it again.

Still not right.


Started it a third time and realised I dropped a stitch below the Lateral Braid and there was no way to fix it.


I gave up.  I still love the pattern. It is well written and has excellent directions for making a Lateral Braid.  I didn’t like the yarn I was using.  And  I must have short hands since the finished mitt did not fit my hand the way it does in the pattern.

How many times do you start or restart a pattern before abandoning it?


5 thoughts on “Restart and stop

  1. if it isn’t right after one rip and redo i throw it away . i have no patience . just go buy one finished .

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  2. You know me. I have no patience for knitting. But you are up for sainthood in that department. I don’t know how you do it. I thought of you during that big storm. Did you get a lot of snow? I’m here (NC) safe and sound, and am loving life again. It will be ages before I can start crafting, but I am happy to be in front of the computer. Patsye


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