Quiet time

This year is the second time Mr. Aitch and I will be spending Christmas Day with just the two of us.  The first time was in 2008.  We didn’t like it.  It was not fun.  And we promised each other that we would never do it again.

But we’re ok with it this year.

Our daughter and family are having Christmas at their own home and starting their own traditions.  We respect their decision as we did the same thing after our children were born.

Our son lives closer but with Mr. Aitch’s choir director obligations our Sunday “down time” doesn’t start until early afternoon.  Adding the fact that neither of us like to drive in the dark makes the day even shorter, literally.

We will be spending the day relaxing and enjoying our new traditional Christmas dinner: Prime rib, garlic mashed potatoes, Brussels sprouts, fresh-baked rolls, cheesecake and a bottle (or two) of fine wine.

We will visit our son on Monday when we will have more time.

I finished all the mitts for the office gifts except for weaving in the ends of the final one.  Those will be gifted on Tuesday.

Our daughter and family will visit us next weekend.

I hope your celebrations are what you want them to be.

Merry Christmas.

2 thoughts on “Quiet time

  1. We were also alone, but we’ve gotten used to it. Our tradition is to go to the movies. We saw War Horse. Not great: too long, too predictable, and too violent. But it took up a lot of the day. Then that Packers/Da Bears game, and now just waiting for the New Year to begin. I can hear your knitting needles all the way down here in Florida. Wonder what you’re up to next. Happy New Year. Patsye


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