Airplane knitting

I just realized that I have 72 hours to decide what knitting I will take on an airplane.  Socks seem like a small, unobtrusive choice however, I am not a fan of small diameter circular needles and dpns (double point needles) don’t seem to be very friendly seat mates.  Those might have to go in the checked baggage.

I could start on a second Garter Stitch bag for someone who’s been hinting for one.  The size 9 circular needle wouldn’t be as hard on my hands and it’s mindless garter stitch knitting that I can do without looking.

Cascade 220 Primavera and Jet

BTW I have the strap and most of the lining sewn in my Garter Stitch bag.  I just need to sew on the button loop and find or make a fabulous button to hold it closed.  Pictures soon.

Maybe I should check my Ravelry queue to see what other knitting projects I could take.

Any suggestions?

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