Today’s the day

My first knitting class is today.

I’m very excited to finally delve into the mysterious world of felting on purpose.  For you nonknitters that means shrinking and making the fibers of a wool item meld together.  I shrunk/felted the first sweater I knit for my daughter and was not happy.  A few other items have gotten felted by mistake but they weren’t as traumatic as the sweater.

Here’s a picture of the project from MoirasMama on Ravelry.  She’s actually teaching the class.

Courtesy of MoirasMama

 My yarn colors are Cascade 220 Ruby and Jet with a bit of Primavera.

Cascade 220 Ruby and Jet

Cascade 220 Primavera and Jet

I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to incorporate these colors but I have a vague idea.  Stay tuned…

4 thoughts on “Today’s the day

  1. I am looking forward to hearing how the process goes. Felting is still on my list of things to do. I love what you can create with felted wool Make sure you show us your creation!


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