There was a message on my answering machine when I got home from work on Friday.  My felted bag class which was supposed to begin tomorrow has been postponed for one week.  Bummer.

The class has been extended one week.  Still a bummer since there is a two-day conference that I CAN NOT miss that very same week as the final class…unless I choose to not be gainfully employed to maintain my knitting habit.

Conference dates

There is a very slight possibility that I can still get to part of the final class.  We shall see.

On a happier note – I want to wish Mr. Aitch a very happy birthday!


2 thoughts on “Postponed

  1. That really ticks me off when they change the dates on things AFTER everything has been set up. Gggrrrrrrr. They should have to go by the original post of the project. I think they should have to work something out with people that can’t attend with some other choices of times. OK, I’m done. I hope you like your purse.
    Happy B-day Mr. Aitch!


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