Wanted: Knitting Mojo

Wanted: Knitting Mojo


While I’ve lost my knitting mojo, I managed to weave in the ends on the Leafy Washcloths.  I have a secret WIP that is hibernating as I discovered I do not have enough yarn to finish it unless I rip back four rows and FOLLOW THE PATTERN AS WRITTEN!  There is a reason why yarn quantities are listed.  Duh!  And it’s my own pattern to boot!  So I will rip back four rows…sometime soon.

I’m still a bit discombobulated after spending three days away from home and not being used to having Mondays off.

I worked on my secret (I’m just full of secrets) painting project yesterday and hope to finish the painting tonight or not.  It’s down to the details and details can make or break the finished work.  Details can’t be rushed either.  Fortunately this is not a ceiling.  It’s nice and horizontal.  And yes, I’ve been taking progress pictures.

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