First day back

A former boss of mine used to say that he needed another day to rest because it was always hard to get back into the swing of things on the first day back after a long weekend or vacation.  It was a running joke with my co-workers.

I could have used an extra hour or two of sleep this morning.  The holiday weekend was great fun but oh, so tiring.

It’s supposed to get into the mid 90’s today so I doubt I’ll go for my lunchtime walk.  It would be great if I could get it in before 10:00 AM.  We’ll see if that works out.

5 thoughts on “First day back

  1. I went out before 10 today to get my grass cut and potted a few more flowers. Came inside…took my cooling shower and I’m only doing inside things the rest of the day. Nice and cool in my house! Good luck to you at keeping cool!


  2. It’s been hot here in Connecticut, too. I don’t mind warm weather; I just don’t like the humidity that sometimes goes along with it.


  3. We cried ‘uncle’ and put up the pool yesterday. We went swimming again today and braved the attacking cicadas. They seem to think that because they keep the patio in surround sound that they own it. I beg to differ, but I sing a different tune when I have a massive cicada on my arm/back/head/lap.


  4. I absolutely need another day to get ready to go back; but alas, I am back.

    I wish it were a skosh warmer. low 70’s and breezy is a tad chilling.

    Happy Tuesday


  5. My – a lot of comments on what’s happening after a long week end. I didn;t want to go outside today, but we had crafts in an air conditioned building. It was great until we had to go home. We didn’t hit 90 but it was preatty close.


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