Wet, dripping wet

When Mr. Aitch left the house around 1:30 yesterday afternoon, it didn’t look like rain.  It didn’t look like rain at 3:30 either.  But by 3:35 a HUGE thunderstorm cell had formed just to the southwest of us and was headed our way.  The skies opened up just as I got to my car to leave work around 4:00.

I stopped at the market on my way home to pick up some things for our weekend festivities.  It was pouring down rain when I went into the store but was not raining when I came out and had to put the groceries in the car.  I could still hear the rumbling thunder all around me.

The rain started back up again on my way home.  A hard rain.  The kind of rain where the windshield wipers don’t look like they’re doing anything.  The kind of rain that is deafening.

I’m so glad we have a garage and a garage door opener and don’t have to deal with the rain while unloading the car once I get home.

The first thing I noticed when I got into the house was that the kitchen windows were open.  Our kitchen sink is in the corner and the counter had a huge puddle of water on it.  The plants I have sitting there got watered.

The back of the leather sofa had water droplets on it but the side table was dry.  Both were next to open windows.

I ventured upstairs and felt the curtains, foldout beds and rug in one of the bedrooms.  I had a pile of fabric on one of the foldout beds.  Everything was dripping wet.

Mr. Aitch called me and mentioned that he didn’t think to close the windows when he left as it didn’t look like rain.

I was not happy.

I realize it could have been worse, much worse.

We’re expecting the same weather today.  I’ll be sure to remind Mr. Aitch to close the windows before he leaves the house.

4 thoughts on “Wet, dripping wet

  1. We have had rain, thunder, and lightning for the past few days. My windows were closed as I get enough fresh air with my doors open. Hope nothing is ruined by the rain – but it way too much work to get them dry when you are overworked getting ready for your company.


  2. Isn’t that the truth though. I’d have not liked to come home to wet parts in the house, but like you said – sure could have been worse. Your story makes me really stop to think about anyone who’s been a victim of the weather this year!


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