I wore the Peony Twist Cardi to my appointment and then work yesterday.  I got a lot of compliments on it.  (You know who you are.   Thank you.)  I’ll have Mr. Aitch take another picture tomorrow now that the buttons are on it.

The sweater isn’t too small but the yarn is so soft that the front band has no stability and pulls at the button holes.  It kind of mimics the wave pattern in the sweater but I’m not sure I like it.   I’m debating on whether to sew some ribbon under the buttons and buttonhole band. 

You can see it here (yesterday’s post) though I’ve only got it pinned.

I know a picture is worth a thousand words so think about this and come back tomorrow to see what I’m talking about when I have a finished picture.  I’ll need your opinion.


1 thought on “Stability

  1. I’ve always admired the strip of handsewn grosgrain ribbon underneath the edge where the buttons are sewn, on fine older sweaters I’ve collected. really a couture look for not much money or effort.


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