Knitting therapy

On Saturday we went to visit our son and his family.  We took the Harley so I didn’t get any knitting done while traveling.  Their town was celebrating Heritage Day and we did a walking tour to the various sites.

We probably walked 2-3 miles.  It was partly cloudy and the temperature was a pleasant 73 degrees.  A great day to be outside.

Here’s a photo extracted from a video Mr. Aitch made of us sitting on the front porch of one of the mansions we toured.  It’s not as sharp as a still photo would be.

Jayne, me, Bishop

Hey, there’s my Dots and Stripes purse, too!  I wore my Herringbone Neck warmer on the ride there but obviously am not wearing it here.  I digress.  Sorry.

My granddaughter walked a good bit of the way and her mom or dad carried her some of the time, too.  Then  she decided she didn’t want anyone else to carry her except me.  So I did.  She probably weighs 20-30 pounds and everyone was concerned about my back and how sore it would be on Sunday.

It wasn’t my back that hurt.  It was my right arm.  I carried her mostly on my left side but it was the way I was supporting her (and my left arm) with my right arm that did me in.

I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to knit but I did knit a few rows on the Vine Vest and my arm felt much better.  As you may recall I wasn’t sure if I would have enough yarn to make this vest.  I used one entire ball of yarn so far on the ribbing around the front and neck edging and still have about another inch of ribbing before it’s finished.  I will have some yarn left over.

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