Fetching vines

So do you like my new theme?  The new header is a closeup of the Dots and Stripes purse pattern.  My eyes gravitate to the uneven stitch.  I need to fix that.

Random post here today.

I seamed the sides of the Vine Vest..  The pattern says I should pick up 64 stitches.  The first time (yes, I had to do this more than once) I picked up 50 stitches and did the ribbing.  I don’t know how I was expected to find 64 stitches.  Needless to say, it was too tight.  I pulled out a few stitches on the side seam and picked up 56 stitches.  This worked better.  I don’t like armholes that are too tight (no one does) but I also don’t like then too loose.  My undergarments need to stay under.

I was looking at the Lace Hem Topping I made last summer and the vine stitch I used on that top is the same stitch used on the Vine Vest.   Both are similar in color thought the Lace Hem is a dusty purple and the Vine vest is a bluer purple.  Side-by-side they look different.

The Fetching mitts are in a timeout.  Both are finished and I don’t like how the end flares out.  I may rip out the ends and do a 1×1 rib for the last row or rip them out completely and try another pattern.  I totally messed up the cabling on the right one and didn’t catch it until I was finished.  The more I think about it, the more I am convinced they will become something else.

Posts without pictures are boring and somethings I just skip them.  I have pictures to show you but they are still on my camera.  Sigh.

3 thoughts on “Fetching vines

  1. I like the new theme.. I saw immediately where the stitch doesn’t show in its entirety. Pulling it up should do itl


  2. I love the new theme! I didn’t notice the uneven stitch. I guess I could go back and look for it, but I don’t want to. Your theme is so pretty! (I do the same thing though whenever I put up photos on my knitting. The only thing I can see is that imperfection that drives me crazy!)


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