Dropped stitch

I have been working sporatically on the Herringbone Neck Warmer for too long.  Of course I was knitting the peony Twist Cardi at the same time (which needs the ends woven in and buttons.)

Anyway Mr. Aitch performed in a concert last night and I went to listen.  He had to be there early so I took my neck warmer with me to knit before the concert started.

Herringbone Neck Warmer progress

Several people have commented about how difficult this stitch pattern is to fix if you miss a stitch or worse, drop a stitch.

Well, it happened that I dropped a stitch.  I tried to fix it but I could not figure out how.  So I had to unknit it stitch by stitch back to the missing stitch.

And I did it.  Fortunately it was only one row.  Just in time for the concert to start.

2 thoughts on “Dropped stitch

    • I have just done that mistake of dropping a stitch… I was hoping there would be a diagram here to show you how to pick up the dropped stitch..


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