One step forward, two steps back

I was knitting along the front of the Lace Hem Topping (are you as tired of hearing about this as I am writing about it???) and discovered about 20 rows ago that I had a weird stitch.  Right along the front  k2tog edge on the v-neck.  There was nothing I could do to camouflage it so I had to frog it.  Yes, dear friends, the dreaded four-letter word that starts with an “f”.

As of now, both the front and back are finished to the shoulder shaping.  I didn’t want to do the stair-step bind off as called for in the pattern but couldn’t figure out how to do short row shaping and the 3-needle bind off.  Just too tired last night.

Or should I forgo the shoulder shaping and just do a 3-needle bind off on a straight seam?

And last, but not least, the local weather report has us only getting to around 90 degrees today.  A far cry from the near-100 degrees and 105 degree heat index we had over the weekend but a bit warmer than the mid-80’s we had on Monday and Tuesday.

1 thought on “One step forward, two steps back

  1. Your sweater sure will have lots of memories to share with you every time you look at it! Or maybe better yet you will hopefully love the finished product so much that all the “laboring” pains will be forgotten!

    Glad you are getting a break from the heat!


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