Wine tasting

Mr. Aitch and I enjoy wine frequently.  We prefer reds though occasionally we’ll have white.Hullabaloo-wine-label

Last night’s dinner consisted of cheese and crackers, apple slices and cheesecake.  And a bottle of Hullabaloo Zinfandel.  This was our first experience with this vintner (Nine North Wine Co.) but we love other Zinfandels from the Lodi region of California so we had high hopes.

As my routine goes, I sniffed the bouquet first.  (For you non-wine drinkers that means I smelled the wine before I tasted it.)  I made a face.  Mr. Aitch asked what was wrong.  I told him it smelled like armpit.  Sweaty armpit.  It was just as though the smell from the weightlifter on the label and cork permeated the fermented grapes in the bottle.


Was the back label a clue?  Hurly burly!


We thought it was perhaps the pairing of the food and wine that wasn’t quite right.Hullabaloo-wine-cork

But what do you pair with an armpit?


The two best things about this bottle of wine are its cork and label.  Of course this is just my opinion.