It’s my blog…

…and I can do what I want to.  Actually I think it is supposed to be “party” instead of “blog” and “cry” but it’s my blog and I can do what I want to.

I’m taking a medication that is tearing up my stomach.  Literally.  So I missed work yesterday before I realized I should take this medication with food and not on an empty stomach like I was doing.  Issue resolved.

I had a lot to do at work today.  Like getting some forms to our clients.  IRS forms to be exact.  Forms that don’t line up with our software.  Three-part “carbonless” forms that have to be ripped apart before printing.  (Seriously, who uses impact printers any more?)  Forms on super thin paper that don’t go through any printer we have without skipping a page or ripping the form to smithereens.

Today is National Do Nothing Day and while I had plenty to do today (thanks to missing work yesterday), I am liking this day.  At least I’m liking it now.

It was also “lasagna” day.  One of my co-workers has a meeting every third Thursday each quarter.  He goes past a restaurant that has a special on Thursdays on lasagna for only $5.25.  Including fabulous, fresh, Italian bread.

Easy dinner.

Something I could relate to today: EASY.

We partook of the lasagna for dinner.

And freshly baked Italian bread.

 Along with a bottle of wine.


Menage a Trois.  Inexpensive.  But good.

Which we enjoyed.

To the very last drop.