Any volunteers?

I bought a couple of asparagus ferns for our deck three years ago and planted them with a few petunias in the same flower pot.  I wanted to keep the ferns from one year to the next so I pulled out the spent petunias and brought the ferns inside during the cold months.

Last summer some petunias tried to emerge from the soil but the plants never got bigger than four small leaves.

A blooming petunia surprised me a few weeks ago.

Petunia-001 copy

At least one seed got enough sunlight and water to make it.  And yes, that is a solar light that I just left in the pot.  No, it doesn’t get enough light inside to glow at night.

Petunia-002 copy

Perhaps more will plants will grow and bloom once these pots get back outside.

Petunia-003 copy

If it ever warms up enough.

Petunia-004 copy