Happy Thanksgiving

Here in the US we celebrate Thanksgiving on the last Thursday of November.  In 1863 Sarah Josepha Hale of Newport, New Hampshire, urged President Abraham Lincoln to set aside a day of thanksgiving and praise.


She selected the last Thursday in November because, as she said, harvests were done, elections were over, and summer travelers were home. She also believed a national thanksgiving holiday would unite Americans in the midst of dramatic social and industrial change and “awaken in Americans’ hearts the love of home and country, of thankfulness to God, and peace between brethren.”


Her words are as relevent today as they were in 1863 during the US Civil War.

In 1941 the US Congress declared the fourth Thursday of November as an official national holiday.


To all my family and American friends:  Have a peaceful and enjoyable day of gratitude and thanksgiving.

To the rest of the world: Have a great day!