God Bless America

Tank top part 2

On Saturday morning the twins and I decorated another tank top.  With America’s birthday just around the corner I thought we would do a patriotic themed tank top.

Materials we used:

Tank tops, cardboard, painters tape, textile medium, acrylic paint, Stained by Sharpie markers, old toothbrushes, tongue depressor (not shown), alphabet stamps and star stamps.

I inserted the large piece of cardboard inside the tank top so the ink/paint would not bleed through to the back.  Using the Stained Sharpie marker as the ink, I stamped God Bless America near the front neckline of the tank top.

I taped the edges and made stripes using the painter’s tape to keep the white parts white.  I also taped off the area for the stars.

We tried to splatter the paint on the tank tops but the technique just wasn’t fast enough for 3-year olds.  So they took matters into their own hands and “painted” with the tooth brushes.

When they were finished we stamped the stars using the Stained Sharpie as the ink.  And added some detail to the back.

It wasn’t exactly what I had in mind but I just had to go with the flow and make changes as we went.

You still have time to make something for just as fabulous for your July 4th celebrations!

Budding beauties

The twins spent the weekend before Mother’s Day with us while our daughter and son-in-law went away for the weekend.  I thought I’d help the girls make cards for Mother’s Day.

I took photos of them pointing to their eyes, a paper heart taped to their chests and the camera.  Then I made an accordion card and added some text and headless flowers.

The card wasn’t ready for them to take home (and I didn’t want them to know everything about it as one of them can’t keep a surprise) so I mailed it to our son-in-law.  I had to talk to him first so he knew what to do with it when he got it.

I included various flower and bug stickers for them to use to decorate the cards.

I think they did a wonderful job!  Their mom was so surprised!