The last piece

It had my name on it.  Well, sort of…

Then this happened.

I love whipped cream!  That was the last bit of our Thanksgiving leftovers.

I made my pie crust with 1/2 butter and 1/2 lard.  It was the best pie crust I’ve ever made.  It wasn’t soggy (like mine usually is) and had the perfect amount of flakiness. How do you make your pie crust?


8 thoughts on “The last piece

  1. I am terrible at pie crust. I made pumpkin pie in a tart shell this year and it disappeared fast. I think I’ve just gotten myself out of making pie crusts for the future. Now to figure out how to do my favorite, mince pie, without the crust…


  2. I’ve done all butter and while it was good the bottom was soggy. My mother’s recipe uses shortening and milk with a tbsp of vinegar. It ends up a little soggy but has excellent flavor. I think I’ll experiment in the new year with your half butter half lard:) Thanks for sharing!

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