Flat, flatter, flattest

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong but my chocolate chip cookies are flat and spread out too much.

I follow the Nestles Tollhouse cookie recipe using room temperature butter and measure out the ingredients exactly as written.

The butter was room temperature but not real soft.  I used a hand mixer for this batch and some leftover mini chocolate chips and chocolate chunks (bought by mistake).

The cookies are very tasty but we now have to eat the entire batch as they aren’t “pretty” enough to share with the neighbors.  I know, tough job but somebody’s got to do it.

My oven might be too hot.  I may have over mixed the ingredients.  My dough was room temperature and perhaps not cool enough before baking.  Any other ideas as to what went wrong?

10 thoughts on “Flat, flatter, flattest

  1. I would check your flour. Are you sifting? Are you spooning into the measuring cup, or scooping. Also, the temp of the butter is significant as is the temp of the dough vs pan. Try to refrigerate your dough before spooning on to the pan, and be sure to use two pans so you aren’t portioning onto a hot pan. Personally, I think they look DELISH!!

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    • I spoon my flour. And I will try to chill the dough after mixing it and before baking. I promised Mr. Aitch cookies and kind of ran out of time.

      I got a new oven (convection) in 2017 and I still don’t know how to bake cookies in it. Everything else turns out fine.

      And they are delicious! We certainly don’t “need” them.

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      • I use convection too. For mine, the temp should be set about 25 degrees lower than written in the recipe. For something as small as cookies, I don’t have to adjust the cooking time. I do agree that convection can be tricky. Maybe invest in an oven thermometer until you get the hang of it?


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