Sewage, drainage, and rock walls Part II

Welcome to Part II of the sewage, drainage and rock walls.  Click here for Part I.

To get to the front downspout the raised flower bed had to be torn down.  Well, at least part of it.


My daughter and I built this rock wall about 22 years ago,  It didn’t hold up as well as expected but I learned a lot about building a stacked stone/rock wall in those 22 years. And I got to use that knowledge to tear it all down and rebuild it.  During the hottest part of the summer.

As usual I didn’t get a picture of the before but the wall undulated ( fifty-cent word)  in and out three times from the steps of the front porch the side of the house.  The downspout is behind that bush and the pampas grass.


Daffodils and lilies of the valley were strewn about that section so as I torn out the rocks, I rescued those plants/bulbs to replant later in the fall.  I put off that project for a few years but it’s funny how one thing leads to another.



Landscape fabric went between the rock wall and the soil.

Rock-wall-001 Rock-wall-002 Rock-wall-003

There are better other ways to keep the soil from leaking out and stabilize the wall but it’s the way I chose to do it.


The raised bed/rock wall went doesn’t come out as far as the original and does circle around the side of the porch.  It kind of eases into the same height as the added soil around the foundation and heat pumps.






All this work happened over the course of about three weeks…mostly because I couldn’t work on the raised bed/stacked rock wall for more than a few hours in the mornings and evenings at a time.  We’ve had some heavy rains and our basement is dry.

Grass is growing over the newly seeded areas though we will reseed some of those areas again this fall.

After the tomato plants are finished for the year, I’ll work on the other side.


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