Greening up

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up (and hopefully Spring as well)  I thought I’d freshen up an old wreath for my front door.


I found this wreath at a yard sale in Ohio when I was visiting my BFF in 2000.  It was a nice big 24″ grapevine wreath but very sad-looking.   The colored baby’s breath, eucalyptus branches, dried statice, and faded red paper bow were original.  I added the yellow and dark red flowers and the leaves with blue berries.  It was my late-August/early September front door decoration.   I removed everything from the wreath and started over.


I was inspired by this lovely refreshingly green wreath at my local Joann Fabric store.  It was on sale for $24.99 but just didn’t have the heft I wanted.  I’ve discovered that with a red door that bigger and more contrast are better.

So I purchased some green and white fake dogwood, some green shiny stuff made from tiny Styrofoam balls, and a couple of bunches of a small white flower.  I cut some apart and stuck them in between the branches of the wreath util I was satisfied.

Then I hung it on the front door and took a picture if it.


First attempt.  Even though this photo is straight on, the wreath looks lopsided.  I didn’t notice it until I saw the photo.


Second attempt.  I moved some things around.  Better but still not quite there.


The finished wreath.  I love it.  And yes, I always add the USA flag to my front door.  Except at Christmas.

I think this looks fresh, green, springy, and ready for St. Patrick’s Day!

Are you ready for Spring?

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