Do you know what today is?

It’s National Puzzle Day!  Along with Seeing Eye Dog Day, Freethinkers Day, and Curmudgeons Day…  But I’m here for the puzzles.

My crossword-puzzle-solving coworkers and I are having a party.

At lunch.

Bringing our own food.

And solving a crossword puzzle.


It’s just like any other day during lunch at work but for some reason it feels more special today.

How are you going to celebrate National Puzzle Day?

4 thoughts on “Do you know what today is?

  1. I’m solving my own puzzel…..why can’t I get into my email? I think I was hacked somehow. Find out the balance in my checking acct as their website is down…..hoping to find Gidget’s favorivte dog food in stock at the pet store…..and for the 3rd time going to the pet store forgeting to buy the dog lisences!


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