I am a list maker.  Sometimes I remember the list just from physically writing the list.  Other times I have to refer to the list.

Last night right before I got into bed and turned out the light, I wrote a note to myself to remind me to do something today.

Then a couple of minutes later I turned the light back on and wrote another reminder to my note thus making it a list.

Then a few more minutes passed and I again turned the light back on to add another item to my list.


At this point I think Mr. Aitch was getting disgusted with me so I tried to keep myself from thinking of things to add to the list and go to sleep.

It eventually worked but not until I made a mental note to get some earplugs.  If you know what I mean.

Do you make lists?  Do you have to refer to them or does the act of writning it down make you remember?

10 thoughts on “Lists

  1. Do I make lists? OMG Yes! Like you, I often never need to look at them again, just writing them helps me remember things. And when I wake up at night worrying about work, I find just making a few notes let’s me relax and try to go back to sleep, rather than lying there worrying that I am going to forget the thing that woke me up.


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