My windowsill garden

I started a mini windowsill garden last week.

Romaine lettuce.

romain copy

What I did was save the short stalk end of the Romaine lettuce, put it in about a half-inch of water, and place it in a sunny window.  I change the water every day.  The progress is as follows going clockwise from the top Chobani container: Sunday – April 28, Tuesday – April 30, Sunday May 5 and Friday – May 3.  The first Romaine stalk I started is in the Chobani yogurt container.  I experimented with the clear vs. opaque containers to see if it made a difference.  Apparently it does.

I can cut and use the lettuce and start the process all over again until the stalk sends out a thick seed shoot, then I need to find a new stalk and start over.  I read someplace that these can also be started in the ground but I have a lot of rabbits and doubt I would get any produce before they nibbled it all up.

I understand you can grow celery this way as well.

Will this mini windowsill garden keep us in Romaine lettuce all spring and summer?  I doubt it.  But it’s fun to watch it grow.

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