5 things so far

Here are five things about me so far today that you probably don’t care about:

  1. The weather was perfect for taking the motorcycle to work.  Cloudy but no fog.  I hate fog.  The temperature was 72 F.  It’s supposed to get into the upper 80s by the time I leave for home but it’s ok if I get sweaty then.  I’m just going home.
  2. My leather riding pants don’t fit me any more.  Too small.  I had to wear my chaps.
  3. I had my motorcycle registration and insurance card in my hand this morning for my bike.  I have two different motorcycle jackets so I don’t keep it in either one.  By the time I was dressed and ready to go, I couldn’t find the cards.  I looked for at least five minutes and could have been staring right at them but I couldn’t see them.  So I left without them.  I hope I don’t get stopped on my way home.
  4. I know I had my registration and insurance cards yesterday since Mr. Aitch and I went to get our driver’s license renewed.  We had to provide FIVE forms of identification, proof of citizenship and residency.  I used my motorcycle registration as one form of residency.  BTW my new photo is terrible.  I look 10 years older and 25 pounds heavier.  See #2 above.
  5. Someone was cooking bacon this morning.  It smelled so good.
  6. Even though I was seven minutes late for work this morning, I was still the first one in the office.
  7. I can’t count.

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