Freshly baked rolls

Mr. Aitch and I love freshly baked bread and rolls.  In fact we’ve been known to have that and a bottle of wine for dinner!  Unfortunately it’s just too darn hot in the summer to turn on the oven.  We usually end up having store-bought “freshly” baked bread or rolls.  Until now.

I cheated and used the frozen bread dough already shaped into rolls.

I sprayed the 8×8 aluminium pan with cooking spray.  Then I placed nine rolls in the pan and sprayed a piece of plastic wrap with the cooking spray.  This was placed over the rolls (spray side down) to keep them from sticking to the plastic while rising.

Once they were doubled (or tripled) in size, Mr. Aitch fired up the grill to 400 F.  Our grill has three burners so he turned off the center burner (indirect heat) and we placed the uncovered pan of risen rolls right on the cooking grate.

Sorry for the overexposed photo but we were in a hurry!  He closed the lid, set the timer and turned them half way through the baking time according to the directions on the package.  He was able to maintain a fairly consistent temperature (350 F) adjusting the burners as needed.

18 minutes later we had freshly baked rolls.  Perfect.

After we took them off the grill, I dumped them out of the pan, brushed the tops with a little bit of bacon grease then wrapped them in a cloth to keep warm while he grilled the rest of our dinner.

We’ve done this twice within a week and can’t wait to do this again.

Have you grilled anything unusual?

2 thoughts on “Freshly baked rolls

  1. MMmmmmmm…..REALLY sounds so good! Have to get some bacon grease first. remember when we were growing up we always saved the bacon grease to use for “stuff”? Like frying apples!


  2. WE do corn– in the husks after soaking in water for a few hours…. have done pizza, too. Baked beans– in a pan,silly– usually in an iron skillet with onions and other items. Zuchini ALL the time….. And nectarine halves for dessert.


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