In a jam

Free time has been practically non-existent this week with the twins at our house.  I took a personal day from work yesterday so we went on the Great Strawberry Hunt to get strawberries for jam.

Our Spring came early this year as did the flowers and early summer fruits like strawberries.  It took some time to find fresh local berries but we were finally successful.

We used the recipe from the Sure-Jell box for freezer jam.  First the quart of berries were cleaned.  Then the twins used potato mashers to “kill” the berries and sample them as well.  They took turns adding the four cups of sugar and stirring it in.  I “cooked” the Sure-Jell (pectin) with 3/4 cup of water on the stove.  I poured the hot solution over the sugary berries and they stirred it.  And stirred it.  And stirred it.

Here’s the only photo from the Jam Session with them stirring everything together:

They really like licking the spoons and bowl when we were finished.  In fact they wanted to drink the jam.  Don’t worry Mom, they didn’t.

This recipe was just the right amount to do with children.  We made 5 1/2 jars of freezer jam.  I have enough berries to make another batch.  Maybe tonight.  Or not.

3 thoughts on “In a jam

  1. I am soooo coming to your house for tea and jam! I love homemade jam. I haven’t made any in several years and I miss it. Good to see you having such fun this summer so far! I want to go picking myself, but have to find a farm that has pyo. Grats on your goodies!


  2. I made strawberry jam this spring, the first time in years, because Costco had the berries so cheap. I did the cooked kind, sealing them in the jars, but alas they did not gell. I gave away about five of the jars (small ones) and we’re down to the last three jars. It’s great over ice-cream, but in a sandwich it just runs down your arm. Sticky!!!! Looks like you all had fun.


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