Pie crust machine

My mother was intimidated when it came to making pie crusts.  She bought hers from the frozen foods case in the market.  They were good.

Mr. Aitch’s mother was a great pie maker so when I got married, I decided that I should make my own pie crust.  It didn’t seem like it should be all that difficult.   Sometimes they were tough.   Sometimes they were chewy.  Sometimes they were perfect.

I rarely make pies any more.  Except at Thanksgiving.  Mr. Aitch likes my pumpkin pie better than his mother’s.  He likes my stuffing better than hers, too.

A couple of years ago my daughter brought her pie crust making machine to our house to help me make pie crusts.  It was so wonderful that I bought one for myself.

Do you have one of these?

It makes the BEST pie crusts.   I just wish I used it more often that once a year.

To my American readers:  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.  Be safe in your travels and give your loved ones an extra squeeze.

3 thoughts on “Pie crust machine

  1. Mmm…pie. I have a wonderful recipe for whole wheat pie crust that I whip out for every reason imaginable. I love baking, and my partner loves apple pie. (We joke that this is the essence of our relationship). I have never seen that nifty machine, but it looks like fun. Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you too. A pie crust machine. Who knew? I buy my crust in a box. Pillsbury I think. And if I let it warm in the dish before I put in the filling, it turns out crispier. If I cook it cold right from the icebox, it’s doughy. Love the little hats. They are adorable. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.


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