Mint Juleps

Some friends stayed at our house a few weeks ago to attend a wedding.  They “thank-you” gifted us for our hospitality with a bottle of Mint Julep and some fabulous cheese knives.

We treated ourselves to mint juleps after dinner last night using this wonderful concoction, fresh mint, crushed ice and bourbon.

Utterly refreshing.  So elegant even in regular glassware.  With grocery-store-bought mint.

I really needed to feel refreshed and elegant after the week I had.

We sipped our mint juleps on the front porch as the pinkness of the day turned into the dusky evening.  We watched the lightning bugs and the fog appear.

Thank you, Leah!

Have a fabulous weekend!

3 thoughts on “Mint Juleps

  1. So glad you enjoyed it! Buying something you think someone will like is always a gamble. I enjoyed it and I’m happy that you did, too! Thanks again for keeping us!


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