My daughter and the twins spent the weekend with us. 




We baked cookies, played with shrinky dinks, sewed dresses for the twins and made polymer clay buttons.

They went home on Monday and I went into my I-miss-them-so-much mood. 

They live three hours away but the distance sucks.  I wish we lived closer so we could see each other more often.  We have a lot of fun together.

5 thoughts on “Distance

  1. The twins are beautiful. Thanks for sending the pictures of them. I’m sure you wish you could enjoy them more often. You got a lot done while they were there.



  2. They are cutie pies! Even I, the person who doesn’t like kids, would like to see more of them! My grandson lives 20 minutes away and it is difficult to see him…with my work, his Mom’s work and stuff going on….I see him maybe once every 2 weeks….for a couple hours. It will get better….have faith! Did you send me any cookies?


  3. Distance does suck. We dropped my sister off at the airport last night and before we’d paid for parking, the girls were already saying they missed her and asking if we could go back and get her. I hate living so far from family.


  4. You are so LUCKY!!!!!! Those girls are adorable. They look like you. And how much fun you must have had with all that crafting with your daughter. Just hearing about his made me happy. Lucky. Lucky. Lucky.


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