The caramel rolls tried to escape before I baked them.  Beer bottle as a size reference (thanks to my SIL).

Escaping Caramel Rolls

But I baked them anyway…

The baking dish really is under there

The rolls turned out a bit doughy but were still very good. 

This Santa plays a mean saxophone and dances.  The twins were a little bit afraid of him so after his solo, he had to take a nap.  Every time Santa’s name popped up, the twins said “Santa tired.  Nap.  Sleeping.”

Jazzy Santa

He slept here…


The presents were unwrapped.

Budding artists

I spent more time playing and watching my family than I did taking pictures.

Christmas Tree 2010

The house is quiet now.  I miss them already.  It’s just Mr. Aitch and me. 


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