100th post

I did a little dance for my 100th post.  I thought I’d try this blog thing for six months to see if I liked it and if there was any one interested enough to read it.  I like it and I have four regular readers.  Of those four, two are family.

I cast on for another pair of slippers.  I want to have these finished by Saturday.  With soles.

Will I make it?

2 thoughts on “100th post

  1. Good luck on completing your slippers!!!

    When you set a goal, probably something will come up. I hope not.

    My goal for today is to clean the clutter on the dining room table, which is my work place. Then I need to dust, run the sweeper, write some checks, rest and relax.

    I am not dressed yet as this morning is free. I go to the gym this afternoon – exercises for my back, shoulders, and biceps.

    I have a personal trainer to push me along. There are three other people in my class. We complete against each other. We are called the senior class as we are all over 80 years young.


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