Crabby Bay Fries

Mr. Aitch and I went out for lunch yesterday, which is something we don’t do very often.  It was later than usual for lunch.  For me.  He dropped me off at the fabric store while he took his truck to have the tires checked.  They were out of balance.  Usually I can spend hours looking around a store but I felt that he was going to be back soon so I purchased my things and went outside to wait for him. 
While waiting, I played several games of solitaire on my phone.  I’m so glad I could entertain myself.  I was really hungry and my stomach was growling.  I hadn’t eaten anything up to that time and I had spent an hour weeding my flower beds earlier in the morning.
We got to the restaurant around 1:15 and placed our order in right away.  Mr. Aitch had hot wings.  I ordered Crabby Bay Fries.  I usually don’t order fries but these were smothered in a hot, creamy crab dip.  This could have served 3-4 people.  It was delicious.  Other than Mr. Aitch sampling 2-3 fries, I ate the entire plate.
I had water the rest of the day as I was still full from lunch.  Mr. Aitch wanted some popcorn while we watched an old movie last night.  Real popcorn, not the microwave stuff.  And real butter.  No salt for me.  I had a small bowl.  Such buttery goodness.

Your thoughts? I read them all.

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