Birthday Wishes – October 17-23

The Birthday Wishes recap for the past week:

Two bottles of paint.  Perfect colors for some Christmas painting.


Spicy Kettle Corn with all the ingredients.  I love kettle corn and this spicy mix will hit the spot.


Vanilla Caramel lollipop.  Caramel – need I say more?


Symphony Bar with almonds and toffee.  I have no control when it comes to chocolate and toffee.  Add in some almonds and there will be no stopping me.  I know I will eat this entire bar at one time.


Colorful ribbon.  Nine yards of beauty!


Constant Comment tea and honey stick.  A favorite of mine.


Grape Tootsie Pop™.  Yummy, yum, yum.


Only four more days of goodies.  I’m so spoiled.


Birthday Wishes – October 10-16

Recap for this week’s Birthday Wishes:

October 10: HELLO note cards.  There’s nothing like a hand written note to brighten someone’s day.  I must use these!


October 11: Puzzle magazine.  Crossword puzzles are my favorite but I also like other puzzles and I will have a lot of fun with this!


October 12: Chobani recipes, measurement/substitution magnet, two Chobani Olympic pins, two bracelets, and coupons for free Chobani yogurt.


October 13: Toffee.  Yum.  Yum.  YUM!


October 14: Bigelow® Mint Medley tea and a honey stick.  I sometimes drink a cup of mint tea to help me get to sleep at night.


October 15: Junior Mints.  The creamy, smooth filling just melts in my mouth.


October 16: Land O Lakes™ Amaretto Cocoa mix.  I love flavored cocoa mix and used to add amaretto or hazelnut creamer to plain cocoa to make my own decedant, flavored drink.  I will enjoy this on the next cold day.


Eleven more days of fun treats!

Birthday Wishes – October 3-9

Recap for this week’s Birthday Wishes:

October 3:  Tazo tea and honey stickBirthday-wishes-2014-103

October 4: A beautiful, handmade, green (my favorite color) beaded bracelet with the Miraculous Medal


October 5: My favorite Tootsie Pop® flavor – cherry


October 6: Not one but two Bic for Her® pens in pink and purple


October 7: A DoohicKey™ – I’ve never seen one of these but it has a ruler, wrench, carabiner clip, bottle opener, box cutter, and screwdriver.  So cool and it will fit right on my key ring!  I’ll be ready for anything!


October 8: A 14 inch white, invisible zipper.  I do have a project in mind for this…


October 9:  A favorite tea of mine – Bigelow® Constant Comment™ plus a honey stick.   When I was younger, my Mom, sister and I used to make a pot of this tea on cold, Saturday afternoons.  The smell of this tea brings back such wonderful memories.Birthday-wishes-2014-109I am enjoying this daily treat of Birthday Wishes so much.  I’ll have another update next week.


Special Delivery

This was on my front porch the other day.


It was from a very good friend of mine and I had no idea what it could be.


Inside was a note and lots of brown paper lunch bags with numbers written on them.


I send these types of things to my grandkids for Advent and a couple of years ago I sent some to her kids.  We call them Christmas Wishes. And even though I see Christmas stuff in the stores, it’s way too early for Christmas.


These must be…

…Birthday Wishes!


For me!!

My birthday is the 27th and here is a box of birthday wishes/treats.  One for each day.  That’s twenty-seven little reminders that someone is thinking of me.


My favorite flavor!

I have no idea how she found the time to do this.  She has five children: six-year-old twin girls, a four-year-old girl, and two-year-old twin boys.  That’s a lot of busy!


I LOVE pigs!!

And yet she took the time and got this wonderful box of goodies to celebrate me.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart!