Birthday Wishes – October 24-27

I’m over a week late with the post.  I’ll just say that I had technology issues, was out-of-town, and picked up a bug.

Ok, now back to the recap for the last days of the Birthday Wishes my friend bestowed upon me.

Land ‘O Lakes™ French Vanilla Hot Cocoa mix.


Ear Threads.


If you’ve never seen or worn these, you are missing out on The. Most. Comfortable. Earrings. E.V.E.R.


With these particular ear threads I can change out the beads to whatever I want.  Or wear them with none.


Bigelow® Earl Grey tea.  Yum.


Personalized Wine Charm.


She knows my love for wine.


Yes, she does.


And two bonus days of Clark Bites.  My favorite candy bar is a Clark Bar and they are hard to find sometimes.  Looking forward to munching on these!!


Thank you, Leah, for making this the best Birthday Wishes birthday I’ve ever had!  I think I’ve gained a few pounds.

Birthday Wishes – October 17-23

The Birthday Wishes recap for the past week:

Two bottles of paint.  Perfect colors for some Christmas painting.


Spicy Kettle Corn with all the ingredients.  I love kettle corn and this spicy mix will hit the spot.


Vanilla Caramel lollipop.  Caramel – need I say more?


Symphony Bar with almonds and toffee.  I have no control when it comes to chocolate and toffee.  Add in some almonds and there will be no stopping me.  I know I will eat this entire bar at one time.


Colorful ribbon.  Nine yards of beauty!


Constant Comment tea and honey stick.  A favorite of mine.


Grape Tootsie Pop™.  Yummy, yum, yum.


Only four more days of goodies.  I’m so spoiled.


Birthday Wishes – October 10-16

Recap for this week’s Birthday Wishes:

October 10: HELLO note cards.  There’s nothing like a hand written note to brighten someone’s day.  I must use these!


October 11: Puzzle magazine.  Crossword puzzles are my favorite but I also like other puzzles and I will have a lot of fun with this!


October 12: Chobani recipes, measurement/substitution magnet, two Chobani Olympic pins, two bracelets, and coupons for free Chobani yogurt.


October 13: Toffee.  Yum.  Yum.  YUM!


October 14: Bigelow® Mint Medley tea and a honey stick.  I sometimes drink a cup of mint tea to help me get to sleep at night.


October 15: Junior Mints.  The creamy, smooth filling just melts in my mouth.


October 16: Land O Lakes™ Amaretto Cocoa mix.  I love flavored cocoa mix and used to add amaretto or hazelnut creamer to plain cocoa to make my own decedant, flavored drink.  I will enjoy this on the next cold day.


Eleven more days of fun treats!

Birthday Wishes – October 3-9

Recap for this week’s Birthday Wishes:

October 3:  Tazo tea and honey stickBirthday-wishes-2014-103

October 4: A beautiful, handmade, green (my favorite color) beaded bracelet with the Miraculous Medal


October 5: My favorite Tootsie Pop® flavor – cherry


October 6: Not one but two Bic for Her® pens in pink and purple


October 7: A DoohicKey™ – I’ve never seen one of these but it has a ruler, wrench, carabiner clip, bottle opener, box cutter, and screwdriver.  So cool and it will fit right on my key ring!  I’ll be ready for anything!


October 8: A 14 inch white, invisible zipper.  I do have a project in mind for this…


October 9:  A favorite tea of mine – Bigelow® Constant Comment™ plus a honey stick.   When I was younger, my Mom, sister and I used to make a pot of this tea on cold, Saturday afternoons.  The smell of this tea brings back such wonderful memories.Birthday-wishes-2014-109I am enjoying this daily treat of Birthday Wishes so much.  I’ll have another update next week.