Margaritas, tea, and mint juleps

It’s Cinco de Mayo today. Mr. Aitch and I will have chicken chimichangas and margaritas.

Tomorrow morning the menu consists of toast and tea for the coronation of King Charles.

Then beginning in the afternoon we will salute the Kentucky Derby races and winners with mint juleps and Hot Browns.

Cultural appropriation? I don’t care!!

6 thoughts on “Margaritas, tea, and mint juleps

  1. Enjoy! We are having make-your-own nachos tonight. Not really because it is 5/5, but I have two girls hitting fifteen tomorrow and have to feed the gaggle of girls getting off the bus with them this evening. That is what they requested. I even bought olives for one of the girls. There are very few people in this world for whom I will buy those seedy black chunks of yuck. I guess Brie is one of them.


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