Another glass tragedy

In keeping with my recent theme I have another broken glass tragedy to share.

Remember a couple of weeks ago when it was International Cabernet Day?

I broke wine glasses.


As in two.

Fortunately no wine was harmed.


The first one broke as I was hand washing it.  The piece just broke off in my hand.  It didn’t draw blood.  And it didn’t even cut my rubber gloves.

The second glass broke when I put it in the dishwasher to drain (my dish drainer was full) and tried to push the upper rack into the dishwasher.  The glass was too tall.  I realized that fact as soon as I heard the tinkling of the shattering glass.

This is the reason why I buy inexpensive glasses.

Hederlig wine glass from IKEA

Hederlig wine glass from IKEA

1 thought on “Another glass tragedy

  1. Doug’s grandma Jewel gave me a set of four heavy wine glasses one year for Christmas. They are solid and are still around, even though I’ve had them for fifteen years or better.


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