A 55-gallon drum of worms

I’m going to open up a huge can of worms today.  Like a 55-gallon drum kind of huge.

I posted a while ago about my dinosaur of a computer and my dilemma of upgrading.

mac vs pc2

So, do you have experience with either of these two systems/products or both?  Which do you prefer and why?  Just leave a comment about your experience with the pros and cons.  And can a PC and Mac be networked together?

I will monitor the comments before they are posted so if yours doesn’t show up right away, you now know why.

2 thoughts on “A 55-gallon drum of worms

  1. I know these worms, and I think they’re in collusion. I’ve had a MAC for over 10 years – maybe even 15, but then my computer has way more memory than me. My Mac Mini was perfect for years, and then the move to NC must have jiggled something out of sync and I had to buy a new one. The new one has been lacking, but then the fixes have been to the wiring in the house, the cable box, the router, the external hard drive, the time of year – you name it.

    I think computers, whether PC or Macs are all programmed to die at a certain age (like us) and that’s the way those corporations stay in business. My husband and I were both talking about our television set that has the big back and weighs 900 lbs, but still gets the picture to us so we refuse to buy a new one. Same thing with our phones – from Walmart – cheap as can be, but you can call me and I’ve saved thousands of dollars over the years and I’m not obsessed with sending and receiving stuff on a minute by minute basis like virtually everyone I see in the world.

    TMI! But that’s because there’s no pat answer for which is better. It’s a preference issue. I like my “x” on the left, and my husband, the pc owner, likes his “x” on the right. That’s the big difference as far as I’m concerned.


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